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Oil line for WILMAR group

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We cooperate with them through one good agent partner, total invest two oil filling line, brand is VKING; include empty oil can from label machine side, to spiral conveyor side, to high speed rotary filling machine, capping machine, till to second package till load into containers, the whole conveyors work design 3times, first design confirm and produced, after assemble it, face different problem, we change and correct some area, also change conveyors type, finally successful work, help Wilmar group production keep creating value.

Two set spiral conveyor

Infeed height:670mm  outfeed height: 1100mm;

Floor height 48000mm, conveyor width 304mm, F shape design;

Product jerry can, 500 L x 500 W x H 750 mm, 380 L x 380 W x H 580 mm; pom link +carbon steel base chain, width 304mm brown color

Side plate board sus304*3T Bending plate, surface brushed treatment; column diameter 508*6T; wear strip HDPE; SEW 415V, 50HZ, 3phase, with VFD and lubricating oil device, mechanical tighten unti, speed 25m/min.

Rest are belt conveyor 3sets, roller conveyor 15sets; telescopic conveyor 11sets, replacement belt container loading conveyor 4sets.

Below are some photos at factory side.

Below are photos assembled at workshop.

Whole line first design be confirmed and produced at end of 2019 year, 2020 full year stopped because of corona-void problem, 2021 year ship to client side, end of this year, trail whole line, find problem, see below video;

At beginning of 2022 year, we change and correct the design, produce, ship and assemble again;

Full line videos please see below videos;


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