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Spiral Conveyor For End User Introduction

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We work with different conveyor project agent many years, if you are end user, here we are factory, we can give cooperate well---means well understanding your requirement, your workshop problem, under your requirement, we can give best solution to you, avoid you pay more time/money cost, to get same conveyor machine, even worse conveyor machine. Because different agent orders had help us to growing well, to solve different end user problem, to solve end user requirement. 

Below is different conveyor introduction, to your reference. 


Roller conveyor is widely used in a lot of areas of factory workshop warehouse to conveying carton packaged products with firm bottom of the barrel etc relatively hard goods or sacks, non-powered and momentum transport, respectively, from high to low floor and low to high makes convenient to transport the goods to both the worker cost greatly reduced and to enhance efficiency.

According to the actual layout or warehouse pattern to design the production of conveyor, to achieve a machine in different floors of the common, if the floor is too high, it can be overlapped two conveyor to increase to the perfect height to operate.

The height of the non-powered roller conveyor can be as high as 10 meters into the weight can reach 50kg. The power conveyor can be made of carbon steel,stainless steel or aluminum body material, driven by the reducer or electric roller can adjust the different speed can also be customized according to customer needs, in order to the rear of a number of conveying equipment shunting confluence design or according to the customer needs to design the site to make the machine.


Chain conveyors are widely used in household appliances, food, auto repair and other industries of assembly and transportation.Chain plate conveyor can be designed according to the layout of the site to different height, and different products of different width and speed, the body can be carbon steel spray, galvanized or food industry level stainless steel material, such as conveying instant noodle box, pasta cake packaging, can also directly contact processed food itself to the back end of the packaging. To achieve the purpose of rapid automation.

This system can be large or small, flexible, easy to operate, can be made into support, push, hang, clip all kinds of conveying mode, composition of aggregate, shunting, inspection, confluence of various functions, add a variety of pneumatic, electric, motor automatic control device, specific to see the needs of different users, the formation of a variety of forms of production line.


Stainless steel conveyor is used for food industry and pharmaceutical industry, in the production of all kinds of sauce,frozen food,fried meat can be directly in contact with bare food, so that it can be static cooling after production, and transportation of all kinds of medicine,fruits and vegetables cleaning, drain water and other functions until the final packaging palletizer.

The distance and height of conveying cooling can be designed according to the layout of the site or the special requirements of customers. If the number is small, linear cooling conveying or natural cooling such as tray support can be used for 30 minutes, but it also depends on the specific cooling output. Cooling tower generally adopts spiral conveying from bottom to top, low into high or low into low out. The speed can also be adjusted according to demand。

Many breads cakes meat conveyor is made of stainless steel 304 material, can directly contact the food itself, for cooling and freezing have a great help, improve productivity and efficiency, save a certain amount of labor consumption, but it still needs to customized according to the demand.


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Whether its food, cosmetic, pharmacy industry relative powder processment, you can find conveyor system solution here.

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