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China Roller Spiral Conveyor

Space saving, used for second package product; Easy to maintain, long service life;
Roller spiral conveyor can be conveying decline when the product workshop different area;
Product Description

Why use roller spiral conveyor? Why choose roller spiral conveyor?

Suitable for conveying all kinds of boxes, bags, pallets and other goods, can transport larger weight of materials, or bear a larger impact load for transportation. It has the characteristics of large transmission capacity, fast speed, light operation, etc., and can realize multi-variety co-line parallel transmission.

Space-saving, used for secondary packaging products; Easy maintenance, long service life;

Roller spiral conveyor can transport different areas of the product workshop when falling; Save energy, simplify production process, improve production efficiency; Low maintenance cost; Roller spiral conveyors are suitable for transporting plastic boxes, cartons, boxes and small packages. Widely used in pharmaceutical, food, beverage packaging and other industries.

Roller spiral conveyor is a perfect solution for secondary packaging products conveying down. Drum screw conveyor has two options of drive and gravity.

Advantage is saving space, roller length can be customized, diameter 50, 60, 89mm, inner bearing and shaft ss420/ss440;  cheaper power cost, but can not control speed by VFD.

roller spiral conveyor sprockets, female and male type used on different area, keep conveyor working more stable and smoothly. material also have PVC & SS type. easy maintenance.

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Whether its food, cosmetic, pharmacy industry relative powder processment, you can find conveyor system solution here.

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