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Spiral Conveyor, Roller Spiral Conveyor; China Spiral Conveyor

chain spiral conveyor for local client, ready trail at factory, then by truck to client side, we assemble whole unit 3 sets, both for carton box stock and transfer; 2 set are chain spiral conveyor; 1 set is roller spiral conveyor; these conveyors will be granulated 2 years.
Product Description

1) Spiral conveyor first set chain width 406mm; total width 450mm, ground floor 600mm(infeed) 1st floor 600mm(outlet);floor height 5050mm; from edit to entrance 90degree; surface is spray paint; frame and structure mild steel epoxy coating; spiral conveyor chain material is POM; brand drive motor Nord; frequency converter is Schneider brand;

2) Spiral conveyor second set; chain width 600mm, total width 650mm; 1st floor 900mm(infeed); ground floor 900mm(outlet); floor height 4740mm; from exit to entrance 180degree; surface is gray painting; frame is stainess steel; brand motor is Nord; 2.2KW;380V; 50HZ; VFD brand is Schneider; speed adjustable 0-25meter/minute;

3)Spiral conveyor third set is roller type, width 500mm; total width 560mm; idler type, no driving unit; inlet have 2meter long roller conveyor; outlet have 1.5meter long roller conveyor; roller diameter 58mm; material is stainess steel; two side cleated.

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