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Spiral Conveyor For Middle Business People Introduction

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Most manufacture owner/production manager know their production very well, maybe these people do NOT know below points:

How to explain, why choose this type, how to choose conveyor, how much cost should i bear?  Communication is important with experience words; 

As engineer/designer/middle sales people, you know clearly about product information. But you don't explain to us---- the factory; even we know conveyor production well, there is gap about our understanding, include technical detail; conveyor drawing, culture habit; English word mistake; even your end user-final client requirements; workshop condition, delivery time requirement, assemble requirement; all these steps help us go to different road.

We had working these conveyor project production more than 10years, many lost orders teach us living in this conveyor area well. Failure is the mother of success, we had faced different problem on communication work, include technical requirement also. but these help both of us growing well, help us avoid more mistake on cooperation. 

That's why we would like to work with engineer/designer/middle business people, because you are professional, we are on same page; we know product well, design project easily and together help to working with end user smoothly. 

Our factory side advantage: 

1) Know spiral conveyor/belt conveyor/modular conveyor very well too, even had 6 years on powder processing mix and transfer experience. 

2) Conveyor project support to you, with drawing, suggestion design, quickly revert answer. more experience with more right choose, avoid mistake on purchase order steps.

3) Assemble conveyor line easily; assemble worker cost cheaper than most people; after sales service well, see next point. 

4) We had worked with some agent more than 15years, even new agent client broken items, we can give free cost with support.  They are pleasure with our cooperation, even asked us help to extend other works, in the beginning 2 years, we only produce belt conveyor/modular conveyor, then start spiral conveyor production; under partner help, we touch the powder line and get the ticket, becoming one good member in this area. 

Make progress and grow up together with you, wish we are right hand of each other. 


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