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China Chains Spiral Conveyor With PVC Belt Conveyor

Vertical spiral conveyor, mainly transfer second package items, carton, case pox, rollers, heavy product among 5--50KG, maximum 1set height 12meter with one driven power. Conveyor chain all made by die mould, also can offer belt type spiral type.
Product Description

Vertical spiral conveyor below design is plastic chain type, width 608mm, POM material, D type unit. use for case packer transfer.  After product packed into carton box, from production area go to pallet production area or store area, we can use this lifter spiral conveyor send these product to different floor, save production space, also worker cost 2-3people. Machine can keep working 24hours.

1)why choose F type, what means D type spiral conveyor?

there are different type inlet and outlet spiral conveyor, customized type,  consider workshop layout, we design choose D type for this client. inlet &outlet based on client choice and production line.

2) spiral conveyor transfer carton size maximum 600MM size, weight 50kg/ctn;

3) running from bottom to top-spiral conveyor deisgn from ground floor transfer product to first floor.

4)Link up conveyor is PVC belt type, to avoid carton fall down, we choose rough type, belt thickness 5mm;

5)incline conveyor can use roller conveyor too, driven roller type price little higher than PVC driven belt conveyor;

6) speed adjustable with servo motor, control pannel siemens brand electrical; maximum 35meter/minute;

7)We also cooperated with motor brand--Nord, Motovario; belt brand hongs,habasit.

8)keep 2years free spare parts service.

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Whether its food, cosmetic, pharmacy industry relative powder processment, you can find conveyor system solution here.

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