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Modular Belt Conveyor

Simple structure, modular design; need open mould, good-looking; Stable running; Easy maintenance; can transport items of all shapes, sizes and weights;
Product Description

Modular belt conveyor different with belt conveyor, it has simple structure and modular design. Though need to open mold, beautiful use on food area, Stable operation; Easy to maintain; Items of all shapes, sizes and weights can be transported; Applicable to electronics, food, pharmaceutical and other industries; Available in different widths, it can be assembled to the width required by the product.

Modular belt materials are POM and PP.

Modular belt conveyors are very robust overall and can be used in a variety of ways in almost all transport applications. The belts are hard-wearing and can even be used to transport sharp edge products. The conveyor system provides a variety of chain materials, making them suitable for food, high temperature or chemical resistance.

Cost higher than belt conveyor. Width can be adjusted, easy clean, more better than PVC material.

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Whether its food, cosmetic, pharmacy industry relative powder processment, you can find conveyor system solution here.

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