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Vertical Ribbon Mixer

This mixer blade is designed for three-dimensional movement of materials to create helical material upwards flow along the periphery of vessel and gravity downward flow in the center at optimum mixing quality. During this continuous operation, material particles and heat are exchanged quickly which leads to a homogeneous product. Besides, the material particles are mixed with minimal mechanical and thermal stress, which makes this type of mixer a good solution for fragile and heat sensitive product. Vertical Blender can promise perfect mixing homogeneity, even big wide range mixing ratio and complete discharge without any dead space. Multi functions can also be achieved to perform uniform, fast and contamination-free dry powder mixing, drying, evaporation, heat treatment, reactions, cooling or dosage of active ingredients in a single unit
Product Description

Ribbon mixerBasic Information

a)Total volume: 1500L

b)Model: GPH-1.5

c)Loading factor: 30%-70%

d)Working Capacity: 450L-1050L

e)Capacity: 225kg-525kg/batch (if bulk density 0.5kg/l)

f)Working Temperature: Ambient

g)Design Pressure: -0.8 barg

h)Mixing assembly: Vertical Ribbon Agitator

i)Working Type: Batch

j)Installation: Indoor

2)Processed material

a)Material to be mixed: Baby Powder

b)Bulk density: 0.4-0.5kg/l

c)Particle size: N/A

d)Liquid additives: Yes (2-3%)

3)Construction material

a)Material Contact Part: Stainless Steel 304

b)Non-contact Part: Stainless Steel 304

4)Surface treatment

a)Material Contact Part: #300 (grit) Polish (Ra 0.8)

b)Non-contact Part: Matte Polish

5)Seal Part:

a)Main Shaft: Mechanical Seal

b)Chopper: Labyrinth Seal + Air Purge

6)Drive Unit x 1:

a)Main Shaft Motor: 18.5KW

b)Brand: Siemens

c)Insulation Class: F

d)Main shaft speed: 50rpm

e)Gear Reducer Type: V3HV5

f)Brand of Gear Reducer: GUOMAO

g)Power supply: 415V, 3P, 50Hz

h)Start the mixer with load

7)Chopper x 1:

a)Power: 4KW

b)Brand: S&L

c)Insulation Class: F

d)Main shaft speed: 1440rpm

e)Chopper Type: Tulip Type

f)Power supply: 380V, 3P, 50Hz

8)Nozzle List: according to confirmed drawing

9)Discharge assembly x 1:

a)Pneumatic Operated Flap Valve

b)Discharge Port Size: DN250

c)Stainless Steel 316L

d)Solenoid Valve: 24VDC

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